Moving Notice

RS Designs is moving from its current location hosted by to an independently hosted site. The URL was already taken so the new URL is

Why did I decide to make this change? One reason: the WordPress hosted blog does not allow free customization of the template. While I do like my current template, I want the ability to customize it whenever and however I would like. will allow you to do that for an annual fee. If I have to pay to customize my template, I might as well pay for my own domain name and hosting and gain absolute control over my blog. I also figured that moving while I still do not have a lot of content would be easier than trying to move after this site is well established.

How does this move affect you? If you have bookmarks or links for RS Designs, please update those, particularly if they are posted on your blog. If you have a button installed on your blog, please change the URL from to If you would like me to make changes for you, just e-mail me, and I’ll be glad to help you out.